Direct Traffic For Google Discover: WhatsApp, Telegram, Push Notification

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So you have followed our previous posts on Google Discover Optimization, i.e., make a fast website, make sure it is mobile-friendly, have published tons of news articles, and even got approval from Google News, but your website still isn’t getting traffic from Google Discover?

What your articles are lacking is some initial jumpstart.

It needs some juice before flying off. Prominent newspapers are at an advantage. People are always on their websites, devouring news like it’s their meal. Whenever a fresh news article gets published, these readers take no time to jump into it, depending on how attractive the title and images are and how relevant the content is. The more people click on it, the higher the probability of going into Google Discover.

Forget about this initial boost if your website is new, not a reputable news website, or is a mere niche website. But don’t be disheartened. There is something I haven’t told you yet.

If you can send some initial traffic to your article right after it is indexed, your article may get into Google Discover, provided other criteria are satisfied (e.g., speed, mobile friendliness, more clicks, etc).

How do I know this? Well, this is, apparently, some ‘Indian hack’. I first learned it from the famous Indian YouTuber and blogger Satish Kushwaha on his channel “Satish K Videos.” Here is the video.

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After this video went viral, Indian YouTubers have created plenty of videos on this topic.

So, what are the key takeaways?

You must ensure the technical SEO is on point (page speed, schema, mobile friendliness, etc), and that your article is indexed fast on Google. For indexing, get approval from Google News (recommended) or use the Instant Indexing plugin from Rank Math.

After that, send some initial traffic to the article. As more people click on it, the more it will get on Google Discover.

Direct Traffic For Google Discover: WhatsApp, Telegram, Push Notification

There are many sources of direct traffic that people are using nowadays.

Push notification

There are plenty of push notification plugins for WordPress, and most of them have some free limits. Onesignal, Notix, etc, have decent free plans for starters. Once you get more subscribers and more traffic, you can always upgrade. The ROI is huge because these push notifications can surge massive Google Discover traffic.

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But pro bloggers are using Larapush these days. They have a one-time fee, can be used on unlimited domains, can collect unlimited subscribers, and offer very good granular user segmentation based on country, state, language, interest, etc. Satish K Videos uses Larapush to collect subscribers on his news blog ‘Taaza Time’, which relies heavily on Google Discover traffic. He has revealed he uses this audience base to promote other websites and helps them on Discover, too.

WhatsApp and Telegram traffic

You can create a Whatsapp or Telegram group or channel and ask your website visitors to join. Once these groups and channels have a decent number of members, share your fresh articles there and encourage them to click. This will push the article to Google Discover. Many Bloggers have successfully done this. For example, famous Indian blogger Pawan Agarwal made this video.

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Is direct traffic a Google Discover ranking factor?

It is proven that direct traffic from Push notifications, WhatsApp, and Telegram helps fresh articles to feature on Google Discover.

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